Ukash is not dissimilar to many of its rival companies such as Skrill and Neteller, but is favoured by many users due to its combination of old and new; whilst transfers are all completed electronically, customers of Ukash can exchange physical cash in exchange for a code that can be redeemed as electronic money.

This year, for the third time in a row, Ukash received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This is indicative of the growing trend to use outlets such as Ukash to transfer money, as people are becoming more familiar with and trustworthy of electronic wallets and online transfers.

There is a distinct array of advantages directly linked to using Ukash over other investment methods. Firstly, the ability to use physical cash rather than your credit card to create the online funds is preferable to a plethora of customers. Paying by cash makes it easier to keep track of your money which can be a crucial aspect to online gambling; handing over money as opposed to punching in numbers on a computer serves as a reality check, ensuring players don’t get carried away with figures they can’t afford. It is also easier for people who would rather spend a set amount simply because they have it on them as spare cash, as opposed to withdrawing funds from a bank account.

The 19-digit codes that are returned in exchange for money for Ukash are redeemable across a wide variety of websites, evidenced by the successive awards the company has achieved for its continued expansion on an international scale. The company also partakes in a number of anti-scam activities, lending its support to several companies that aim to ensure customers are not duped into revealing their details online to fraudsters.

A healthy balance of spending physical cash with promoting modern, online transfers, Ukash is a leading powerhouse in the e-money market and for good reason.