Roulette is a classic game of chance, with an iconic table that lists numbers from 0-36, with half being black and half being red (with the exception of 0, which is green). A small ball is spun around a rotating table containing all of the numbers, which is spun around and will randomly fall into a slot with a dedicated number. Players can place their money, which are usually in denominations starting as low as 20p per chip, all over the board. The odds are fairly straightforward: placing your money on a single number returns odds of 35/1, putting the chip in between two numbers gives odds of 17/1, between 4 numbers makes 8/1, and betting odd/even or red/black doubles your money. The reality of the odds are always marginally against the player winning. This is due to the fact that people often forget to factor in the zero on the board. For instance, when you bet on a single number and get odds of 35/1, the actual odds of it happening are 36/1. A marginal difference, yes, but this is what gives the casino the statistic advantage.

Roulette is a game played by all kinds of gamers, from small time beginners to high rollers, and the available stakes vary accordingly. Some people believe that spread betting hundreds of dollars per spin will increase the chance of winning, and you will find that the internet is awash with theories about how to get the best return with audacious betting systems. However, there is something that is important to remember that not all players can grasp.

When you visit a casino, players often look for patterns in the recent results and bet accordingly. For instance, if there has been a stream of 10 black numbers in a row, players may start betting on red and, if it fails, double the bet until it returns a win. The law of averages dictates that this method should pay off eventually. The difference with online roulette is that the law of averages does not apply in the same way. After each spin, the system is “reset”, giving you precisely the same odds as achieving any number again. Online roulette lacks the consistency of real life roulette, and it is pivotal to bear this in mind.