About Payout Percentages

To avoid any unfair play, online casinos are required to undergo certain checks to ensure that they are paying out a fair percentage of the time on luck-based games like slot machines. Virtual or otherwise, a casino has a duty to ensure that customers are permitted a certain likelihood of winning. This does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that casinos are obliged to ensure that the chance of the house and the player winning are even, but simply that they are not skewered in favour of the house but an absurd amount.

There are two major companies when it comes to auditing payout percentages – eCOGRA and Gaming Associates. You should ensure to look out for their symbols on any sites that you gamble on, as this will prove that the site has been subjected to their thorough checks and has deemed that they meet the required industry standard.

In the UK, the payout rate has been fixed at 80% by the UK Gambling Commission. This may sound appealing, but in reality it is not as fantastic as it sounds. This does not ensure that you will receive 80% of your money back, but instead serves and an average based on quantifiable data. In theory, it means that $10 should return $8, which in turn should yield $6.40 and so on. Some players make the mistake of taking this as a given, but it is simply and average figure. There is nothing to stop you losing the entire $10 in one spin, nor is there anything stopping you from hitting the jackpot at your first attempt. Instead, players should use these statistics not to decipher how much they’ll win, but to compare different websites together. If one website offers a payout percentage of 80% whilst another offers 90%, the latter obviously offers a more rewarding average.