Run by a parent company in Britain, Neteller is an established and trusted source of transferring funds that is used on a huge, international scale, with the current number of countries using the service being in excess of 180.

The main way in which Neteller plies its trade is via online gambling sites, making it somewhat of a preferred choice with experienced gamblers due to the fact that it is likely to be accepted across an array of websites. Neteller allows players to transfer money both into the gambling sites they choose to use, and additionally directly into their own bank accounts. This is often favoured to other prospects such as receiving a cheque, as it is a quicker avenue with a direct route and less hassle when it comes time to withdraw funds.

Neteller was for some time an established leader in its market. However, after it was brought to the attention of American authorities that a number of websites were operating illegally in the US by allowing people to gamble via improper avenues (read up about Black Friday for more on the poker crash in the US), Neteller fell from its usual profits to a much, much smaller percentage. Having boasted impressive revenues in the region of $239 million in 2006, Neteller returned just a fraction of that 4 years later announcing just $44 million. Whilst still a hearty sum, this indicates a steep decline in the use, and therefore accessibility, of Neteller. The company has since decided to diversify and is now operating in other avenues, though it still maintains a firm presence in the world of online gambling.