Keno has been a popular game in established casinos for many years, mainly due to the fact that it is incredibly easy to pick up and play, and the odds can sound extremely enticing. Keno is essentially a lottery, in which balls numbered between 1-80 are placed inside a machine and drawn at random. For the modern era, in which gamblers increasingly want to play via convenient online casinos, the machine is replaced by a random number generator. The rules remain the same.

From casino to casino and website to website, the variations of Keno will differ greatly and so it is impossible to give defined examples of how one should go about the game. The way players bet is by choosing a series of numbers between 1-80 and attempting to guess which numbers will be chosen by the random number generator in exactly the same way that people play the lottery and try to guess which numbers will be drawn – although in Keno it is also possible that the casino will pay out if you manage to avoid having any or all of your numbers drawn, depending on the house rules.

The jackpots may seem huge for the more extreme bets, but it is important to bear in mind the astronomical odds if considering such an audacious wager. There is yet to be a single reported case of somebody matching all 20 Keno numbers – the odds of doing so are less than 3.5 quintillion to one, meaning it is barely worth contemplating as a gambler. For a more assured route to victory, studies have indicated that a player is most likely to succeed in Keno with a three-spot game where applicable, or failing this a seven-spot game.

Keno is quite literally a lottery in which there is no opportunity to influence the outcome of the game, except for choosing the numbers beforehand which is simply a case of pot luck. It is ideal for less experienced gamblers or those who enjoy leaving everything to fate but is not one of the most profitable games available.