iPhone Casinos

Just a few years ago Apple was nowhere near the main mobile phone providers, but today the iPhone is one of the market leaders. Through a combination of clever marketing and industry innovation, the iPhone is now a must-have accessory, which is great news for gamblers – and here’s why.

By having so many people all using the same device, a lot of attention is focused on the group as consumers. This means that applications and software is designed specifically for iPhone users, in a mutually beneficial arrangement; better-optimised software leads to iPhone users having a better experience, which in turns leads them to brand loyalty and investing more time (and money) in the product. It’s basic stuff, but what it means is that iPhone users now have a range of casino/gambling options at their fingertips that wouldn’t be possible with other devices.

PokerStars, for instance, is one of the leading poker websites in the world today. Recently, they introduced an application specifically for iPhone, allowing users to play from their normal accounts whilst on the move. What does this mean for us as gamblers? Well, there are two sides to the penny.

Firstly, it means players can now gamble wherever they are. This adds to the fun and convenience of gambling. A cheeky few dollars on roulette on your lunch break no longer has to be a guilty pleasure at the bookies – just whip out the iPhone and get going!

However, there are some drawbacks which cannot be overlooked. For instance, whilst most people that gamble at home have an established internet connection through a router, people using their iPhone are often on the go and relying on 3G signal. This can be unreliable and could cost you if you’re not careful – imagine having the nuts in a huge cash pot in Hold ‘Em and just as your opponent raises you all in, you time out and by the time you reconnect you’ve lost the pot. Therefore, smaller stakes may be advisable for live games such as this.

Conversely, you can use the information to your advantage. Taking PokerStars as the example again, players using a mobile device have a mobile logo next to their username. Think about why they’re on their mobile – are they in a rush? Will they play as patiently as other players at the table, or is it a chance to make some easy money off of them?

For iPhone users everywhere, mobile gaming is a huge opportunity – make the most of it.