Download Vs. No Download Casinos

There are two key variants when gambling online and choosing between various websites. One is websites that require you to download a piece of software in order to play, and the other is sites which use Flash, Java and so forth to allow instant gratification with no time or effort to download anything.

No download casinos can be tempting. They are an opportunity for a quick fix, playable from any laptop without the need to bog down the harddrive with excessive downloads. Once you are tired of a site you can simply close it down, without having to uninstall anything. People love convenience, and there is nothing more convenient that a virtual casino that is ready to run as soon as you type in the URL.

There are some pitfalls to no download casinos. Because you do not have any relevant software installed, the site runs using bandwidth. That means that every catchy animation, bell or tune that plays has to use more “energy” to do so, which can sometimes mean the site gets slightly bogged down and runs slower than it would do were there some downloaded software. Furthermore, if you intend to play on a tablet or iPhone made by Apple, the company doesn’t currently support Flash which means that certain websites will be incompatible.

The downside to downloadable casinos is obvious. There is time and effort required to wait for each piece of new software to download, which frequently feature updates upon logging in. This makes it harder to play off of a device that you haven’t previously used, whilst there is also the remote possibility that you may download a virus, albeit this is highly unlikely should you opt for an established site.

However, the upside is that everything runs faster. Sounds and animations are cached which means the same level of bandwidth is no longer required; this leads to a faster experience and ultimately a more rewarding one.