Credit Cards

Credit cards are a classic method of payment in modern society that are favoured at major retailers and online casinos alike. There are several major benefits to paying with a credit card which we have outlined below.

When people are gambling, convenience is a huge factor. People like to play on sites where they feel comfortable and where they recognise their surroundings. Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes figuring out where to find Craps or how to alter the stakes they are used to. When it comes to convenience, credit cards are one of the best options.

Most sites will allow users to deposit money using a credit card before giving them the option of retaining the card details for later use. Thereafter, players will simply need to punch in the last 3 digits on the reverse of the card and they can deposit funds in seconds. There is often a minimum deposit when using credit cards, but this is becoming increasingly low and is likely to be around the $10 mark at most online casinos.

Both a plus and a minus is that, when using a credit card, the account is intrinsically linked to your details. This means that players on the site are likely to be more legitimate, but also means that should anything go wrong (eg you are wrongly accused of cheating in some way, or your login details are compromised) the account is directly linked to you.

For most people, credit cards are a great option for depositing at online casinos.