Click2Pay is a variation of electronic wallet that is prioritized as a source for quick, relatively simple transfers online. Users are able to link their bank account directly to their Click2Pay account to make for quicker and smoother transactions should they need to deposit in a hurry.

Click2Pay is predominantly used by Russian customers, but it is in good standing on a worldwide scale. The company ceased trading in the US, as did more or less all fellow competitors, several years ago due to the emergence of certain laws dictating that then-procedures were illegal and that members of the US would no longer be able to invest and gamble through their usual outlets.

Although Click2Pay is suitable for all manner of electronic payments and transfers, it has found a foothold in the online gambling industry. Users enjoy the benefits of Click2Pay as it is easy to merge with existing bank accounts, allowing for quick deposits for frequent investors.

In 2006 the company was valued at €80 million, signifying the relevance of the German-based outlet.