Android Casinos

After an initial stint in which it looked as though Apple may dominate the mobile market, android devices have made a marked comeback. The industry is now decisively split between android and iPhone, and there is certainly a big merit to this. Rather than focus their attention solely on iPhone apps, companies have been forced to branch out and provide an alternative market for all of the android users out there. This means gambling on the go. There are some occasions when you particularly fancy a flutter but it just isn’t feasible. In years gone by, there was little to Continue Reading →

Pai Gow

Pai Gow has a rich history, which has influenced many other forms of gambling since its inception around the 10th century. Pai Gow was invented in China and is played using a set of 32 Chinese dominoes, with each containing 2 numbers between 1 and 6. Baccarat, another highly game both traditionally and in online casinos, stemmed from Pai Gow. The name of the game roughly translates to “make nine”, which is the ambition for most plays; to make 9 points. There are a variety of different combinations of dominoes available resulting in different scores, and in total there are Continue Reading →