iPhone Casinos

Just a few years ago Apple was nowhere near the main mobile phone providers, but today the iPhone is one of the market leaders. Through a combination of clever marketing and industry innovation, the iPhone is now a must-have accessory, which is great news for gamblers – and here’s why. By having so many people all using the same device, a lot of attention is focused on the group as consumers. This means that applications and software is designed specifically for iPhone users, in a mutually beneficial arrangement; better-optimised software leads to iPhone users having a better experience, which in Continue Reading →

Mobile friendly casinos

In this instance, mobile refers to the ability to do something remotely. There was a time when eager gamblers would have to get dressed in their finest garments and travel long distances to hit the casino floors, hoping that their preferred game would be readily available and that they would have the will power to walk away at the height of their game. Today, more than ever, gambling is no longer restricted to casinos but is available at the flick of a finger. We can now sit at home, relaxing in front of the TV in our comfiest clothes, happily Continue Reading →