An eCheck does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides you with the electronic equivalent of a common check, or cheque. In an online world that is moving at a faster pace than ever, where electronic transfers are less an option and increasingly an inevitability, some people prefer the balance of old and new that an eCheck offers. As a buyer, there are certainly advantages to using an eCheck. For one thing, the funds normally take 3-4 working days to fully transfer into the recipient’s account. During these 3-4 days you are still able to accumulate interest as Continue Reading →


Ukash is not dissimilar to many of its rival companies such as Skrill and Neteller, but is favoured by many users due to its combination of old and new; whilst transfers are all completed electronically, customers of Ukash can exchange physical cash in exchange for a code that can be redeemed as electronic money. This year, for the third time in a row, Ukash received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This is indicative of the growing trend to use outlets such as Ukash to transfer money, as people are becoming more familiar with and trustworthy of electronic wallets and online Continue Reading →


Click2Pay is a variation of electronic wallet that is prioritized as a source for quick, relatively simple transfers online. Users are able to link their bank account directly to their Click2Pay account to make for quicker and smoother transactions should they need to deposit in a hurry. Click2Pay is predominantly used by Russian customers, but it is in good standing on a worldwide scale. The company ceased trading in the US, as did more or less all fellow competitors, several years ago due to the emergence of certain laws dictating that then-procedures were illegal and that members of the US Continue Reading →


PayPal is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to transfer funds over the internet. This is largely due to the fact that it has such a strong association with the popular internet auction site eBay, where it is practically essential that you use PayPal if you want to earn a reputation as a trusted seller. Because of its continued success, PayPal is becoming an increasingly appealing option for players investing at online casinos. It is possibly the simplest mode of depositing, too – having entered details including name, address and debit/credit card details when initially signing up to Continue Reading →


Skrill is the main competitor to Neteller, and offers a not dissimilar service to its many customers. The company serves as an e-wallet, allowing funds to be transferred via the internet. Part of the appeal of Skrill is the fact that it is fairly easy to sign up to, making for a quick and instant way for keen gamblers to invest (and withdraw) funds in a relatively hassle-free manner. Additional ID checks are only required for those wishing to make larger transfers, and this is generally accepted by users who accept the fact that Skrill want to secure their best Continue Reading →


Run by a parent company in Britain, Neteller is an established and trusted source of transferring funds that is used on a huge, international scale, with the current number of countries using the service being in excess of 180. The main way in which Neteller plies its trade is via online gambling sites, making it somewhat of a preferred choice with experienced gamblers due to the fact that it is likely to be accepted across an array of websites. Neteller allows players to transfer money both into the gambling sites they choose to use, and additionally directly into their own Continue Reading →

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a classic method of payment in modern society that are favoured at major retailers and online casinos alike. There are several major benefits to paying with a credit card which we have outlined below. When people are gambling, convenience is a huge factor. People like to play on sites where they feel comfortable and where they recognise their surroundings. Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes figuring out where to find Craps or how to alter the stakes they are used to. When it comes to convenience, credit cards are one of the best options. Most sites will Continue Reading →