PayPal is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to transfer funds over the internet. This is largely due to the fact that it has such a strong association with the popular internet auction site eBay, where it is practically essential that you use PayPal if you want to earn a reputation as a trusted seller. Because of its continued success, PayPal is becoming an increasingly appealing option for players investing at online casinos. It is possibly the simplest mode of depositing, too – having entered details including name, address and debit/credit card details when initially signing up to Continue Reading →


Skrill is the main competitor to Neteller, and offers a not dissimilar service to its many customers. The company serves as an e-wallet, allowing funds to be transferred via the internet. Part of the appeal of Skrill is the fact that it is fairly easy to sign up to, making for a quick and instant way for keen gamblers to invest (and withdraw) funds in a relatively hassle-free manner. Additional ID checks are only required for those wishing to make larger transfers, and this is generally accepted by users who accept the fact that Skrill want to secure their best Continue Reading →


Run by a parent company in Britain, Neteller is an established and trusted source of transferring funds that is used on a huge, international scale, with the current number of countries using the service being in excess of 180. The main way in which Neteller plies its trade is via online gambling sites, making it somewhat of a preferred choice with experienced gamblers due to the fact that it is likely to be accepted across an array of websites. Neteller allows players to transfer money both into the gambling sites they choose to use, and additionally directly into their own Continue Reading →

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a classic method of payment in modern society that are favoured at major retailers and online casinos alike. There are several major benefits to paying with a credit card which we have outlined below. When people are gambling, convenience is a huge factor. People like to play on sites where they feel comfortable and where they recognise their surroundings. Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes figuring out where to find Craps or how to alter the stakes they are used to. When it comes to convenience, credit cards are one of the best options. Most sites will Continue Reading →

Android Casinos

After an initial stint in which it looked as though Apple may dominate the mobile market, android devices have made a marked comeback. The industry is now decisively split between android and iPhone, and there is certainly a big merit to this. Rather than focus their attention solely on iPhone apps, companies have been forced to branch out and provide an alternative market for all of the android users out there. This means gambling on the go. There are some occasions when you particularly fancy a flutter but it just isn’t feasible. In years gone by, there was little to Continue Reading →

iPhone Casinos

Just a few years ago Apple was nowhere near the main mobile phone providers, but today the iPhone is one of the market leaders. Through a combination of clever marketing and industry innovation, the iPhone is now a must-have accessory, which is great news for gamblers – and here’s why. By having so many people all using the same device, a lot of attention is focused on the group as consumers. This means that applications and software is designed specifically for iPhone users, in a mutually beneficial arrangement; better-optimised software leads to iPhone users having a better experience, which in Continue Reading →

Mobile friendly casinos

In this instance, mobile refers to the ability to do something remotely. There was a time when eager gamblers would have to get dressed in their finest garments and travel long distances to hit the casino floors, hoping that their preferred game would be readily available and that they would have the will power to walk away at the height of their game. Today, more than ever, gambling is no longer restricted to casinos but is available at the flick of a finger. We can now sit at home, relaxing in front of the TV in our comfiest clothes, happily Continue Reading →

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is also referred to as Caribbean Stud Poker in many circles, but it is vital to remember the differences between playing poker against other players, or playing poker against the house. In games like Hol ‘Em or Omaha Hi, players contribute a small fee to the house known as rake. The rake is where the house makes its money, allowing the players to then face-off for the remaining funds in a game where skill, deception, experience and judgment all ride alongside luck. In games such as Caribbean Stud or Video Poker, the player is directly challenging the house Continue Reading →


Keno has been a popular game in established casinos for many years, mainly due to the fact that it is incredibly easy to pick up and play, and the odds can sound extremely enticing. Keno is essentially a lottery, in which balls numbered between 1-80 are placed inside a machine and drawn at random. For the modern era, in which gamblers increasingly want to play via convenient online casinos, the machine is replaced by a random number generator. The rules remain the same. From casino to casino and website to website, the variations of Keno will differ greatly and so Continue Reading →

Pai Gow

Pai Gow has a rich history, which has influenced many other forms of gambling since its inception around the 10th century. Pai Gow was invented in China and is played using a set of 32 Chinese dominoes, with each containing 2 numbers between 1 and 6. Baccarat, another highly game both traditionally and in online casinos, stemmed from Pai Gow. The name of the game roughly translates to “make nine”, which is the ambition for most plays; to make 9 points. There are a variety of different combinations of dominoes available resulting in different scores, and in total there are Continue Reading →